Vintage Clothing and Books

Despite the current society feeling very modern with technology, trendy gadgets, and new creative ways to communicate it seems the majority of serious collectors are still into Vintage collectibles. Due to this increasingly popular interest one of the most exciting jobs to have right now is one of the lucky shop fitters who specialize in vintage. Everyday is a learning experience as you rummage through old boxes and merchandise. Best of all you never know what treasures your hands might come across as you go about your daily tasks. One mans junk is another mans treasure is very true words.


Vintage clothes have now become more popular than ever, especially with young people and this has lead to more textiles teacher jobs becoming available. There is often special club theme nights devoted to the different decades such as 60's, 70's and 80's. These themes have really brought the old back into the modern world. It can be a thrilling experience dressing up as someone from a past decade. The smart people are the ones born in a different generation who had the right idea in actually keeping their clothes. Now they can sell them for a good profit, or simply show them off on display while remembering the older times when fashion was unique and classy.

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Books always have a value, particularly to devoted collectors. Many famous novels have limited editions which can be worth a lot of money to the right fan. There is also first editions that are difficult to find but will always sell for a very high price and you can find many in auctions all over the world. The shop fitters who work specifically with old books have an advantage of picking up knowledge along their busy day. It would be recommendable to do some research into values of various books because you never know just how much that small book in your hand could be worth.


Old vintage toys are one of the most sought after items by collectors across the globe. Due to places like Ebay, and amazon it has become easier to find them. However, the majority of the most popular and expensive toys tend to be found simply lying around in peoples attics, and can end up in car boot sales or flee markets with the original owner having no idea as to their actual value. You will often find bargain hunters who specialize in old toys hanging around these areas and bidding for the most in demand toy they can find.


With gold increasing in value each day the marketplace has put a higher price tag on jewelry, particularly the vintage selection. Again just like books, and toys people tend to leave old jewelry like wedding rings, chains and even ornaments lying around the house in old boxes or just in the attic. Always be sure to check out the real value by a licensed dealer who knows how much you could be earning and you might find some treasure around your home. Every vintage collectible has a value.